Rhetorical Analysis

Emily Diaz
Professor Tim Dalton
Individual and Society
December 14, 2018

Rhetorical Analysis and its Impact
A rhetorical analysis is a persuasive paper that an individual creates to demonstrate how the writer catches the reader’s attention or persuades them to think a specific way. There are sections that work along one another in order to write a rhetorical paper which are the writer, the message, and the audience. They all have a correlation to each other equally. With writing this paper one would have to think about the strategies that the writer uses to convey the message that they are sending through the piece of paper and the effect that it has. In this class we discussed different articles and pieces of literature to come up with all three of these sections by determining whether or not the authors knew the content behind what they were speaking about. Also to determine what specific audience were they reaching out to. After that you would have to come with an idea on how the message that was being released had an importance in what was being stated.
This is one example of several that correlate with the rhetorical analysis. The message the commercial is sending is that cochlear implants are a positive resource that will better a child whom is deaf. Also that is better for one to use as early as possible. The strategies the author uses to communicate this message is having a positive attitude and giving an enthusiastic tone. The effect of these strategies are really good because it gives people the impression that cochlear implants will help with development and give children a life as regular as kids that dont have this disability. The strategies are definitely convincing because they use a child’s parents and video clips to display the claim that is being made is legit and helpful. The specified audience will be encouraged after watching this video and will look more into information about cochlear implants.
Another example is stated in the article Lauren Ridloff’s Quiet Power: ‘My Life Has Changed in Every Way’ which conveys a message that claims people with disabilities are selected for certain roles in theater because they fit the role not because of the talent that they possess. Michael Paulson demonstrates this in a way by basically saying that Lauren Ridloff was selected for this part in the play that she was part of because the producers of the play wanted to let people know that there’s individuals in this world that they can relate to and, that it’s not impossible for them to achieve success. A strategy that Paulson uses to convey this message to the audience is through his use of an assertive tone. He talks about this topic of Lauren’s career as though she was a bad candidate for the position although he contradicts what he says by giving evidence that proves that she has a sort of charisma for the type of work she does. Also he demonstrates that he knows a lot about the topic that he is discussing because he critiques Riddloff throughout the whole article based on her performance on this play in Broadway. Paulson also lists and discusses all these great things she has done throughout the years despite her being deaf. The audience he is addressing this message to are modern people of society. He’s informing them in the best way he views fit. Through the use of tone the Paulson provides information to both defend and oppose. These strategies are found to be convincing and altogether good given the author’s specific purposes with the people of today’s society because he is letting them know that although one is disabled and could be a great candidate for a specific criteria that doesn’t mean they can’t be criticized even if they are great in what they do.
Rhetorical analysis are important pieces of literature for one to write because it helps their relationship with the author and text. With analyzing what they read and selecting the strategies that were important they will better understand the author’s motives. Basically they can determine the author’s credibility and point out whether or not the message that was sent was persuasive. If the strategies that the author used were good and understandable there will be no problem with understanding the words that are between the lines. This overall means that one will be able to comprehend the bigger picture. Once you understand how the three sections work with one another and write a rhetorical analysis all the questions that you have will be answered.

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